Pro Pilkki 2 - Privacy Policy



Supplier: Procyon Products

Date: 19th May 2018

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By using the Pro Pilkki 2 application, you consent to this privacy policy.


1. What information do we collect?

Following information can be collected during the application usage:

- User's IP address (applies to online games)

- Information given by the user during online games, such as nick and chat messages (applies to online games)

- Player game achievements, game information and score (applies when registered to Pro Pilkki 2 network records)

- Email address (applies when registered to Pro Pilkki2 network records). Address is used only for contacting the player in case of suspected improper usage of the application or network records account.


Additionally, operating system manufacturer (Microsoft) can collect application usage and health information.


2. How do we protect your information?

We use multiple security measures to store and use safely the information described above.


3. Do we use cookies?

We do not use cookies.


4. Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

No, we do not share any information to outside parties. Online game hosts, run by third parties, will have access to player's IP and information provided by the player during the online game (ie. player's nick and chat messages).


5. Removal of personal data

Personal data, associated with network records account, containing email address, nick, network high scores and challenge game achievements can be removed permanently from Pro Pilkki 2 network records web-page: Account Settings Log in Remove Account and Results.


6. Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we change our privacy policy, changes will be updated on this page.